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How to Get in the Media More Often

If you thought getting great press coverage was tough, think again. The Internet is awash with media portals serving all kinds of business audiences and they’re all looking for one thing…Great Content.

If you’re already working hard to build a following for your blog, then the good news is that you’ve likely done a great deal of the hard work needed to score big with the media already.

But the truth is any business can get great coverage.

Here’s why…

I’ve been running PR programmes for companies that sell Business to Business services for over a decade now and there’s one thing I know for sure – if you’re not a super brand, getting the media interested in you is tough.

Why big brands have an easier time of it

Look at any national newspaper or trade magazine and it’s clear that most are dominated by news and views from the top dogs.

But then the big brands have it easy. Not only do they have the ear of journalists but they also have what the media wants in abundance – NEWS.

Microsoft just has to blow its nose and a press release falls out of it.

The rest of us are not so lucky. You spend an age waiting for a headline to come along that you hope will blow the media’s head off.

When it does, you do everything you can to create a flurry of interest and column inches.

Problem is it doesn’t always last very long. Your ability to create interesting press releases dries up once again and you go back to ground zero.

All that momentum you’ve built comes to a grinding halt.

Why what you know is the key to more media attention

What you may not know is that there’s a way to keep the coverage train moving or even get it started in the first place. Better still it gets you the kind of coverage that really gets people talking about you?

PR people call it thought leadership and it’s something that anyone can use to generate media coverage at any time.

And if you’re thinking that to be a thought leader you need to be the head of a big corporation, famous and or have the IQ of Stephen Hawking, you’re wrong.

You just need to be willing to help others by sharing what you know.

Go to www.businesszone.co.uk and take a look around.

(You may need to create an account to see all of the content)

This is an online media portal that aims to arm owners of small and medium businesses with the information they need to become more successful.

While there is some news on the site, it’s mostly feature driven. Some are written by the team at Businesszone, the vast majority by the likes of you and me. All draw on the knowledge of the writer to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Look for places where your target market congregates

Whether you sell into a specific company department or sector, there are likely to be portals such as this that are read by the people that you want to get in front of.

The good news is that many of the editors that run online portals are actively looking for content and want to create relationships with people who can help lighten their load and that of their in-house team.

I like Businesszone for a number of reasons:

First it’s very targeted. If you sell stuff to SMEs you can bet that your feature will get read by the very people that could become your next client

Second it’s pretty much jargon free. Dan Martin, the Editor, keeps a very tight ship and ensures that anything written will both appeal and be accessible to his readers

Third and possibly most important for us, is that you can see the exact number of people who have read your article

The benefits of contributing to media portals are three-fold:

You increase awareness of your business amongst the specific people that you want to sell to

When you offer your expertise through the media you quickly achieve expert status and build trust and credibility with the readership

The likelihood is that if you help them achieve a little bit of what they want, people are more likely to come back to you to achieve the rest

This kind of trust is invaluable in today’s difficult economy where people are more risk averse than ever. Buying decisions are still being made but they are taking a lot longer as buyers want to make sure that their money is not going to go to waste.

Also buying Business to Business services isn’t easy. There are lots of companies selling similar stuff to you in almost every industry sector and they all seem to say the same thing on their websites.

The trust and credibility that you build by appearing in the media can easily be the slight edge that wins you the business.

You don’t need to give away all of your secrets. Just enough to help the reader achieve some of what they want.

In our free eBook I’ve laid down a system that you can use to create great content that the media will love, a process for engaging journalists and a formula for email pitches that has resulted in a 90% hit rate for our clients.

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